Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bits, pieces and bits

I mentioned last week that my darling friend Kate gave me some fabric that was her grandmother's. I thought I'd post a couple of pics:

This is Horatio, an elephant I made out of a pillow case patterned with elephants. I got the pattern from Craftster but came out with the felt feeet and blanket stitches. He has everything but eyes-I'll be doing those when I get home from work I got the original idea of reusing a pillowcase from Meet Me At Mike's week of pillowcase recrafting done by the wonderful Kootoyoo.

I've also made some tea cup candles as part of 'no spend craft month'. I made a few different ones with retro teacups and saucers over the years, and thought they might sell, but no joy. I do enjoy having them round luckily :-)

I've been trying to organise my crafty materials and here's one that confounds me:

How do others keep their embroidery thread tidy? I'm not worried about numerical order as it's used for bits and pieces, not cross stitch, but I'm wondering if I should be winding around cardboard or is there a better way? I have some time at work so thought I'd get stuck into it.


Kakariki said...

Hmm re threads: winding it around those small DMC cardboard things is a slow and tedious process but it can be quite meditative. You could make a long bit of cardboard and punch holes in it with a holepunch and loop them through. It would be a lot quicker. And the thread wouldn't get so creased. Not as portable though.

Kirsty said...

Your elephant is so good! I love him.

PS: I'm still waiting for your address so I can send the bag to you.

lola said...

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