Thursday, April 10, 2008


I've been rather busy at work this week. We had a Youth Week festival yesterday with stalls, free food and such so I got the chance to put some goodies out for sale.

(photo taken by Rayna of Chris, me and Kirsteene)
I have been talking with a crafty entrepeneur Kirsteene about consigning my goods, as she sells weekly at markets. I think its a great way to get some things out there and use up some items I am thinking of moving on from.

I was also honoured to be interviewed by Rayna of Craft Cartel for their next podcast about my No Spend Craft Month initiative and article I wrote on my blog. I probably sound very scattered as I was mega tired!

That said, I got to work this morning and logged on to find that one of my comic purses had sold online which was a lovely surprise. Will be making some more this weekend. Here's what one of them looks like:

Chris and I went and had Japanese food after work last night then went and saw part of the Australian Ballet performance at Fed Square on the big screen. Lovely! We then went home did some bits of pieces like cleaning (urgh) and he kindly made us hot chocolate with Bailey's-lovely!