Friday, April 18, 2008

A Week In The Life (Day6-Thursday)

Looking at the fridge, trying to decide what to have for breakfast (the food is inside, Cate)

My beloved bunny shower curtain which may soon be replaced by a shower curtain 'map of the world'-bit pointless for two short sighted people who can't see a thing without their glasses.

Pillow case I am refashioning into a elephant softie!
Bored picture at work of the slinky I keep on my office.

Making hair clips for Polka Dot Rabbit.

Chris' guitar seems to have taken up residence in the living room.

Making Little Birdie Brooches

The finished products! (I should've taken a better photo but was too tired and a bit depressed to find a plain white piece of paper)...


Anonymous said...
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Kakariki said...

Um.. why are you replacing the shower curtain? It's gorgeous!

Drewzel said...

Yeah go the bunny!

That slinky picture is the coolest! And the little birdy brooches are sweet...I'm loving my purse by the way, I keep my medication in it, so it's always with me :D

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

Yeah the shower curtain is a bit moldy! I'll eventually make some kind of jacket out of it!

Anonymous said...