Thursday, December 20, 2007

nearly holidays!

Nearly time for holidays, Can't wait.

After today/tomorrow I will be free of the internet for some time as I don't have it at home anymore.

Thoughts on 2007:


  • got a totally attainable crush
  • fell in love -got engaged
  • started a small business
  • did more travelling around vic than i've ever done in my life!
  • pay rise
  • awarded a community grant
  • went out more
  • conquered mania
  • learning to ride a bike
  • quit smoking


  • broke 2 bones in my neck
  • became allergic to codeine
  • intense periods of isolation
  • worst depression in years
  • my pet bunny Mr Franz died
  • eating not much better, weight gain
  • my twin died


Chris xx
Lake at Hall's Gap
Selling my first craft items ever
Seeing The Cure
Trips to Daylesford and Phillip Island

Goals for 2008
  • Move house with Chris
  • Get married (he he)
  • Make a big patchwork quilt
  • Establish proper online shop
  • More bike riding skill
  • Courses in pattern making, sewing, resin and such
  • veggie patch
  • wear sunscreen daily
  • exercise more
  • eat mostly unprocessed food
  • socialise more

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hurry up holidays!

Wish the holidays would hurry up. So tired. I get tired of dealing with people that a chronically stressed and anxious, and usually crying.

Chris and I are going to Wodonga for christmas day/night then spending time in Beechworth followed by a road trip around Vic. Not really sure where we'll end up which is the fun bit! Hopefully it won't be too hot. We're staying in a pub in the main street in Beechworth which will be amusing.

If you have any good places to visit, let me know- N.B we don't drive. I'm thinking walking, swimming, eating, nature, music and loads of sleeping!

Had a busy weekend. Finally sold the Meredith tickets which was a relief. Part of me would've liked to go but Chris had no interest for obvious reasons.

Friday night Chris and I went to Prahran for a bit...Saturday lots of shopping and holiday planning for overseas (including a trip to Italy!). Saturday night I did a heap of crafting and saw bits of Spiderman3. Sunday I had a stall at Perry street festival which was fun but tiring. Made some nice money though despite my stall being in a rather poor location and we went out for a steak dinner and to see Die Hard at Moonlight cinema Not my type of movie at all but Chris hadn't seen it and it was nice to snuggle under a blanket under the stars in the Botanical Gardens and watch the bats overhead.

Last night we had a picnic at the park with some friends which was good fun. Then we watched a bizarre doco called Jesus camp

My holiday overseas means i'll have a month off from crafting. I'm actually rather looking forward to it, as I need a break and am feeling a bit burnt out with everything. Plus I've a lot of work things to do before I go after new years that must take priority. I might be able to work in Prahran next year which would be a great opportunity, but it means loads of work setting things up before I go overseas in mid January.

Flossie is at home thank god but is really skinny and looks incredibly frail. Trying to fatten her up a little at a time. Luckily she loves to eat.

Pics for today:

Here's me looking daggy selling some of my stuff at the Melbourne Craft Mafia a week or so ago..

Other pics I like:

And here's a belated engagement party photo....(still waiting for Chris to fix the red eyes!) And yes, I have put on lots of weight (7 kilos in fact).

Current Mood: exhausted

Friday, December 14, 2007

hot and harranged

It's really hot in here today. Damn summer.

Flossie came home from the Lort Smith last night thank god. They still don't know what happened and why she stopped eating and pooping. They think it was most likely a really bad virus poor love. She's really skinny and shaven and was so happy to be a home, so I let her have a snooze out the front last night.

I went to the doctor last night and had a dire experience. Luckily some wonderful LJ friends are helping me find a decent shrink so I can get my med side effects sorted.

I have been riding my bike part of the way to work most days. Quite stressful but endorphin boosting at least.

Busy with Perry st festival on sunday and subsequent preparations...

Pics for today of things I am totally in love with:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Polka Dot Rabbit at Perry Street festival this sunday!

The best little festival in Melbourne!

Presented by Friends of the Earth Melbourne.

Sunday 16th December 2007 10am – 7pm

Perry St, Collingwood (Cnr 312 Smith St, next to Friends of the Earth)

Featuring live performances from the following local acts:

Snuff Puppets
Manny Fox Hangmans Club
Rose Turtle Ertler
White Minus Red
Kylie & Corin (Sons of Lee Marvin)
The Menagerie of African Drummers
Richard Cameron
Collingwood College Steiner School Kids
The Hobby Whores

The Perry Street Festival is a fundraiser for Friends of the Earth Melbourne, and our way of thanking the local community and our volunteers for their ongoing support.

Where else can you find a huge array of eco-friendly and socially responsible Xmas gifts, home-made cakes, fantastic vegetarian food, fresh organic juices, organic fruit and veg, environmental and political information stalls, a massive bargain jumble sale and a huge lineup and variety of local music?

Come and join the celebration!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Feeling a bit crap today with rotten sinus. No one else is here at work besides the builders who are spending their time knocking down walls and the like. Sinus makes me feel miserable and depressed as I can't breathe properly and i feel continuously nauseous. Might try leave a bit early as i feel really sick.

I didn't sleep very well and Flossie is unwell. She wouldn't get up this morning from under the bed (besides the litter) but did have a small snack and a good pat. I'll give her some Critical Care tonight as I'm worried she's a bit unwell. Otherwise we'll be off to the bunny vet.

Went and saw the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween which I quite enjoyed, despite everyone telling me before hand how bad it was. I liked the themes and liked that they tried to do something a bit different. We saw it at Crown Casino which is like an entry of hell. I loathe the place, no natural light, neon tack everywhere, over-attentive security. We were planning on a pub meal before hand but Chris found everywhere too expensive and one place wouldn't let us in because he was wearing cargo shorts! Geez it is summer. So we ended up in the crappy food court whose only redeeming feature is that its not the even crapper one at South Bank.

Some attempted cheer up pics

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm a media star...

Scroll down to 'Need to Know' to see the article about the last Antescene. Chris and I were interviewed by one of the writers for the musicians Union.

a chorus of drills

Our office is being renovated so it's been painfully noisy for several weeks.

Last night's craft market went wonderfully well and was great fun. I bought a totally awesome door snake

Some pics I'm liking alot:
Pic of my latest ebay purchase:
Earrings made by me: For the wall paper alone

Monday, December 3, 2007

Rainy rainy monday

Getting busy for the craft stall tonight, hope it goes well and I sell at least a few bits and pieces, of course the rain doesn't help!

Highlights of the weekend:

-My Brilliant Fanzine at Weekender

-kissing Chris at the spot where we met a year and a week ago

-some new craft ideas

-yummy mexican bbq for Tanya's birthday!

-Chris and I making corn bread and polenta pie (yum!)

-getting through party completely sober after bursting in tears friday night

-Replay Marclay at ACMI
(I liked the way it made my head funny)

-drinking cool gin in the lovely airconditioning afterwards with Chris. Chris pointed out again what I good life we have, and I had to agree :-)
Current Mood: thankful

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

What a weekend!

Friday night Chris and I went to the Opera at the Myer Music Bowl which was just lovely...

Saturday I worked all day for the AEC at a polling booth from 7.30am-10.30pm. I am still really tired and very pleased with the result though I feel it hasn't really sink in, as i was counting 'below the line' senate votes for hours whilst everyone else celebrated...

Sunday Chris had organised a surprise trip to the Grampians to celebrate the anniversary of the first time we met. Have I mentioned that I have the most wonderful fiancee in the world?

We started off by driving to a beautiful lake. Then onto Hall's Gap for lunch. They were infested by circadas and it was so loud that people were actually wearing ear plugs to go outside! We walked down a waterfall (quite a challenge for me getting back up, but Chris was very kind) and went to various lookouts. A lovely day!

Friday, November 23, 2007

RIP Willow

A dear Companion Rabbit friend has lost her dear bun Willow. He was so very loved by us all...

RIP little man...

Thursday, November 22, 2007