Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Feeling a bit crap today with rotten sinus. No one else is here at work besides the builders who are spending their time knocking down walls and the like. Sinus makes me feel miserable and depressed as I can't breathe properly and i feel continuously nauseous. Might try leave a bit early as i feel really sick.

I didn't sleep very well and Flossie is unwell. She wouldn't get up this morning from under the bed (besides the litter) but did have a small snack and a good pat. I'll give her some Critical Care tonight as I'm worried she's a bit unwell. Otherwise we'll be off to the bunny vet.

Went and saw the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween which I quite enjoyed, despite everyone telling me before hand how bad it was. I liked the themes and liked that they tried to do something a bit different. We saw it at Crown Casino which is like an entry of hell. I loathe the place, no natural light, neon tack everywhere, over-attentive security. We were planning on a pub meal before hand but Chris found everywhere too expensive and one place wouldn't let us in because he was wearing cargo shorts! Geez it is summer. So we ended up in the crappy food court whose only redeeming feature is that its not the even crapper one at South Bank.

Some attempted cheer up pics