Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things I like today

This made me laugh! Beautiful illustration by Natalie Perkins. You can purchase her work here

This bunny reminds me so much of my old lop Flossie! via Lost Love

Where the Wild Things Are Cupcakes! Via Craftzine

Clark's Desert Boots dedicated to 1990's Brit Pop...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Things i like today

I'd love one of these...

Pic from here

I've been looking for another top like this for a while since mine was permanently borrowed by an old housemate... :

Pic from here

I somehow think I'll never tire of Mary Janes. These are simply gorgeous shoes by Hot Chocolate Design:

We Make Words is the cutest blog, making objects into words. Here's a couple of my favourites:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You need to visit this little shop of wonderful!!

Yesterday I went to visit Bec at the Little Shop of Handmade in Carnegie. It is the most lovely shop, filled with gorgeous handmade accessories, baby clothing, papercraft and homewares from crafty people all around Melbourne including Polka Dot Rabbit... I bought this beautiful cushion made from vintage sheets which I adore. Maybe I'll finally get around to making this quilt I've been planning for ages as a consequence!

Bec was also simply lovely. It is so nice to meet a retailer who is friendly and chatty and interesting! I hope you all pop along to this little shop.

Location: 8 Woorayl St Carnegie Melbourne

Opening hours: Wed, Thurs, Fri 11am - 6pm Sat 10am - 4.30pm

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lamingtons are Lovely!

pic by Thinking Chair

I work in education as a 'day job' and I've just got back to the office after giving out lamingtons to some very appreciative students :). A fun part of my job for sure!

Lamingtons are actually really easy to make. You might want to give this recipe a try. Speaking of recipes, have you ordered a copy of Homemade: TheHandmade Help recipe book yet?

The Handmade Help Recipe Book evolved as part of by a group of crafters and artists who wanted to contribute to the recovery effort.

The result is a truly international cookbook, packed with treasured recipes and family favourites, donated by people across the globe who wanted to help including well-known chefs such as Margaret Fulton, Allan Campion and Michele Curtis. Great to start ordering for Christmas presents! You can order your copy here.

Lastly, did you know there's an art Gallery in Melbourne called Lamington Drive? At the moment they are exhibiting the wonderful work of Rik Lee until September 12th. Here's one of Rik's amazing works, I hope you get a chance to view the collection:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Travel Diaries....Berlin

Berlin was the place I was most looking forward to visiting on my holiday, and when I got there I fell in love. It is simply fascinating with history and the kind of place anyone arty/crafty/musical would adore. Although I don't speak much German, I just felt comfortable with the place, I really clicked with it.

On my first day I decided to visit Sachsenhausen, the site of a former Nazi concentration camp. It was a deeply chilling but moving experience. I won't say a lot about it or post all the pics, except to say that the Camp was far bigger than I would ever have thought a concentration would be. If you would like to see the pics, you can have a look on my Facebook.

One of my favourite things to do when I visit a new city is go grocery shopping. You get to see what 'the locals' eat and compare products and it's lots of fun. I bought loads of raspberries which were ridiculously cheap (less than a Euro)

And you have to love a place where alcohol is sold at the checkout!

Vodka (aka Wodka) was ridiculously cheap and drinking on the street/park etc legal, so we had a lovely afternoon visiting the Zoological Gardens and enjoying the sun...

We even saw some naked sunbathers which I found hilarious. Apparently this is quite the done thing in Europe hehe.

I made a new friend:

Lots of funky cafes and bars in East Berlin:

We also saw a fascinating exhibition commemorating the smashing of the Berlin Wall. Just phenomenal stuff.

I thought East Berlin would have more Plattenbauten, but a lot of the prefabs had been replaced. We saw quite a few reclaimed as artists' spaces and communes which was cool.

Perhaps the different in rail way stations give a great pictorial contrast between the old Eastern Bloc and the West:

Amazing place!

News from the Warren...

What do you think of my new logo? I'd love your feedback :)

I've spent a busy weekend getting bits and pieces organised. I've been working on new photos for Polka Dot Rabbit products as the previous ones were of quite poor quality. I now have a new logo and am slowly updating the website. I've planned a range of new products (upcycled skirts and upcycled crockery) which I'm quietly excited by. The website at the moment is very much a work in progress so please excuse the mess....

Lots to do as usual!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things I like today

Featured on the wonderful Made by Girl blog

I adore this photograph by Rebecca Miller. Just lovely.

I'm quite fond of wine and I was delighted to come across the Rolling and Climbing labels by Cumulus Wines. The Rolling brand is a tribute to the people of Orange and the broader Central Ranges region. The label features the fictitious 'Beatrice,' a proud country woman stopping her bicycle ride to collect apples that fell from her basket.

The Climbing label artwork, inspired by an 1890's poster of the Hawaiian Dive Circus and Mount Canabolas, an extinct volcano that is the most dominant topographic feature in the Orange region.

Charming aren't they?

I think this would go very well with the wine, Edible painter's palette (Winner of Craftster edible competition). A recipe is even included!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Things i like today

Gorgeous painting by Andrea Heimer

This are sooo cute! By Camper

Beautiful ceramics by Little Flower Designs

I love vodka and even more so if it comes decorated! Found here

Weekends in the country are lovely

I had a wonderful weekend in Hepburn Springs just now.

Highlights include visits to the Lavender farm, lots of lovely wine and pasta, lots of goodies from the Vintage market (pics to come!) and a most wonderful sunday morning getting treatments at Hepburn Bath House and Spa. Massage, spa bath, all sorts of goodies.

There's something very re-juvenating about getting out of the day to day into a different environment.

Flowers from the garden I took home :)

Herbs from the herb garden

Chris relaxing with a book on beer brewing...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things I like today

lovely pic via here

Lovely knitted brooches by Leah Sutton

Bella, the kitty we are housesitting !(pic taken by her owner)

Awesome t shirt by ClothMoth. Might get one for Chris :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some new goodies

Robot gloves (not quite the design I want, but getting there...)

Asterix badges

Things I like today

You gotta laugh at this! Awesome work by Stuart Langfield! Read more here to get the full story

Cool melamine plates by Bob's Your Uncle. They remind me of my time in the US!

Beautiful Lola Don't Lose It Cushion

If I had a doggie I'd love one of these! Found here