Monday, August 10, 2009

Bath, Bristol, Reading and Blur!

After spending time in rural England we were off the Bath to visit one of Chris' best friends, Jon who recently had a baby which was named after Chris. Here he is with his namesake! Yes, the baby has an astonishing amount of hair! We've been to Bath previously so we spend quite a bit of time just relaxing in pubs and enjoying meals and good company.

I had a bit of a bizarre experience. I went to the chemist there due to the rash on my face, neck, arms and back which was extremely sore and unsightly and made me feel really miserable. Since creams and anti-histamines did not work, the chemist suggested I go to the local doctor. I did so and as a consequence of disclosing my previous flu (nearly three weeks before) and trip to Shanghai, I was quarantined with the nurse practitioner for the afternoon with suspected Swine Flu and Scarlet Fever! To cut a long story short, I had to wait hours for the doctor who declared they didn't know what it was and released me without treatment. I was quite upset about the whole thing really.

Here's my lovely rash (excuse the expression I was rather tanked):

Sites around Bath and Bristol:

A Banksy work....we wanted to go to the exhibition but the line was enormous (oddly all older people and those with prams who no doubt complain to the council about graffiti all the time!):

We had a great time in Reading with some good friends. Chris was blessed as Godparent to their three children to boot.
We were delighted to find this lovely little pub called Hob Goblins and we proceeded to spend hours there with a bunch of visited Melbourne friends and ex-pats! Great fun :)

Then, back to sunny London for Blur!

It was a fantastic gig, especially as I was able to sneak a bottle of gin in;). Afterwards we stayed with some of Chris' friends in London. I was amazed that their part furnished flat (bigger than our house) contained stainless steel appliances and a Smeg fridge!