Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things I like today

Featured on the wonderful Made by Girl blog

I adore this photograph by Rebecca Miller. Just lovely.

I'm quite fond of wine and I was delighted to come across the Rolling and Climbing labels by Cumulus Wines. The Rolling brand is a tribute to the people of Orange and the broader Central Ranges region. The label features the fictitious 'Beatrice,' a proud country woman stopping her bicycle ride to collect apples that fell from her basket.

The Climbing label artwork, inspired by an 1890's poster of the Hawaiian Dive Circus and Mount Canabolas, an extinct volcano that is the most dominant topographic feature in the Orange region.

Charming aren't they?

I think this would go very well with the wine, Edible painter's palette (Winner of Craftster edible competition). A recipe is even included!


WendyB said...

The palette is hilarious.