Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hurry up holidays!

Wish the holidays would hurry up. So tired. I get tired of dealing with people that a chronically stressed and anxious, and usually crying.

Chris and I are going to Wodonga for christmas day/night then spending time in Beechworth followed by a road trip around Vic. Not really sure where we'll end up which is the fun bit! Hopefully it won't be too hot. We're staying in a pub in the main street in Beechworth which will be amusing.

If you have any good places to visit, let me know- N.B we don't drive. I'm thinking walking, swimming, eating, nature, music and loads of sleeping!

Had a busy weekend. Finally sold the Meredith tickets which was a relief. Part of me would've liked to go but Chris had no interest for obvious reasons.

Friday night Chris and I went to Prahran for a bit...Saturday lots of shopping and holiday planning for overseas (including a trip to Italy!). Saturday night I did a heap of crafting and saw bits of Spiderman3. Sunday I had a stall at Perry street festival which was fun but tiring. Made some nice money though despite my stall being in a rather poor location and we went out for a steak dinner and to see Die Hard at Moonlight cinema www.moonlight.com.au Not my type of movie at all but Chris hadn't seen it and it was nice to snuggle under a blanket under the stars in the Botanical Gardens and watch the bats overhead.

Last night we had a picnic at the park with some friends which was good fun. Then we watched a bizarre doco called Jesus camp www.jesuscampthemovie.com/

My holiday overseas means i'll have a month off from crafting. I'm actually rather looking forward to it, as I need a break and am feeling a bit burnt out with everything. Plus I've a lot of work things to do before I go after new years that must take priority. I might be able to work in Prahran next year which would be a great opportunity, but it means loads of work setting things up before I go overseas in mid January.

Flossie is at home thank god but is really skinny and looks incredibly frail. Trying to fatten her up a little at a time. Luckily she loves to eat.

Pics for today:

Here's me looking daggy selling some of my stuff at the Melbourne Craft Mafia a week or so ago..

Other pics I like:

And here's a belated engagement party photo....(still waiting for Chris to fix the red eyes!) And yes, I have put on lots of weight (7 kilos in fact).

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