Thursday, December 20, 2007

nearly holidays!

Nearly time for holidays, Can't wait.

After today/tomorrow I will be free of the internet for some time as I don't have it at home anymore.

Thoughts on 2007:


  • got a totally attainable crush
  • fell in love -got engaged
  • started a small business
  • did more travelling around vic than i've ever done in my life!
  • pay rise
  • awarded a community grant
  • went out more
  • conquered mania
  • learning to ride a bike
  • quit smoking


  • broke 2 bones in my neck
  • became allergic to codeine
  • intense periods of isolation
  • worst depression in years
  • my pet bunny Mr Franz died
  • eating not much better, weight gain
  • my twin died


Chris xx
Lake at Hall's Gap
Selling my first craft items ever
Seeing The Cure
Trips to Daylesford and Phillip Island

Goals for 2008
  • Move house with Chris
  • Get married (he he)
  • Make a big patchwork quilt
  • Establish proper online shop
  • More bike riding skill
  • Courses in pattern making, sewing, resin and such
  • veggie patch
  • wear sunscreen daily
  • exercise more
  • eat mostly unprocessed food
  • socialise more