Monday, December 3, 2007

Rainy rainy monday

Getting busy for the craft stall tonight, hope it goes well and I sell at least a few bits and pieces, of course the rain doesn't help!

Highlights of the weekend:

-My Brilliant Fanzine at Weekender

-kissing Chris at the spot where we met a year and a week ago

-some new craft ideas

-yummy mexican bbq for Tanya's birthday!

-Chris and I making corn bread and polenta pie (yum!)

-getting through party completely sober after bursting in tears friday night

-Replay Marclay at ACMI
(I liked the way it made my head funny)

-drinking cool gin in the lovely airconditioning afterwards with Chris. Chris pointed out again what I good life we have, and I had to agree :-)
Current Mood: thankful