Monday, April 21, 2008

A Week in the Life (Day 7-Friday)

Chris in the morning (i look worse I assure you!)

Chris' normal morning face!

Pretty shrub on the way to work

I bought some Cosmos seeds

Beds at Franco Cozzo-it's a furniture store in Brunswick that has the most revolting heavy italian furniture. Most people walk past, point and laugh!

Thankyou all for looking at my photo week as No Spend Craft Month, it has been a lot of fun!


Cendra Fénix said...

Hi! I think your blog it´s really interesting. I like your photos. They are original and beautiful (more ones than others, of course). I think I´ll come back soon.

(Sorry about the wrongs writing, because I´m from Spain and I´m learning English.)

Drewzel said...

Someone must be buying all that Franko Cozzo furniture, otherwise they'd be out of business by now :P

Chris is a brave soul to share his morning face with us, mine is always puffy and covered with dribble. What's worse is that it's my own dribble.

Anonymous said...