Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bits and pieces of my life

I thought I'd post a pictorial of bits and pieces of my life....

I bought these little guys in Sinagapore at a Retro Toy Muesum. I adore tin and wind up toys and have quite a collection.

These guys came from ebay for $3 a few years ago. They are apparently from the 1930's and i think the chips add to their charm...

A brownie I was enjoying at work....there are loads of amazing cake shops near work!

A top I bought on sale for $25 at Ammo. I also bought some bigger trousers to accomodate all the weight i gained overseas. I don't know if I've done enough eating to start a really decent health kick, so I'm trying to exercise regularly.

Mugs bought as pen holders from a charity shop in Chapel st. Chris bought me the bunny finger puppet.

Container for holding odds and ends on my desk. Chris has offered to help sort my office (in exchange for a yummy, fancy lunch) so when it is all prettied up I shall post some pics.

Recent acquisitions. The floral fabric is being made into a skirt, and i hope to hang a bevvy of retro aprons in the kitchen at some stage-may need to convince my other half!

Sunflowers I bought for my beloved. The vase is from recycled glass in Mexico and I made the cushion from vintage fabric I found in the city.

Hope you enjoyed looking :-)