Monday, April 7, 2008

First Day of No Spend Crafting and weekend update

Well I haven't actually done any crafting being monday and a work day. I had a very busy weekend spending Saturday holding a Polka Dot Rabbit stall and attending sessions at the Melbourne Social Forum which was held at the EcoCentre in St Kilda, a really lovely space. Afterwards Chris and I went to dinner at the Builders Arms then a friend's birthday drinks and the Union Hotel where I got ridiculously drunk on very little.

Sunday we went to Woodend for a family gathering for Chris' clan, and because of track works, a 90 minute journey to 5 hours and 2 on the way back. Insane! But we had lovely lasagne and schitzel and loads of wine and everyone enjoyed the lamington sponge i bought with us. Of course, none of this is helping my weight!

We've found and booked a wedding reception venue at Wine Cellars
and we are hoping all will go well and be a really fun day. It's hard as there's so many pressures with a wedding, even if you are doing something different that's 'for us'. Perhaps the biggest pressure I feel right now is to look beautiful (thin) and HAVE A GOOD TIME as it is meant to be a day you'll remember forever....

I've attracted quite a lot of interest in my 'no spend crafting month' which started today. Alot pf people have asked about the politics, admitted to their own ridiculously large stash and asked about the politics. I'm yet to do any crafting as yet but I have a Polka Dot Rabbit stall this wednesday at Swinburne University and hoping it will go well. In a way I'd really like to sell everything I have craft wise and start from scratch with some longer more arty projects like painting and fabric mosaics. It all takes courage and was strange, I walked past a few charity shops and felt a bit anxious. I even felt like I should be buying something on ebay for some reason (ceramic cats). Very odd compulsion.

I started lunchtime yoga today, and will have a class every monday for the next 12 weeks. I really enjoyed it.