Monday, November 12, 2007

It's monday again

Gah. Bitch of a headache. But will attempt to document some weekend antics....

Friday night I bought some perfume then went and helped out as Door Bitch at an Nuclear Free Australia benefit at Noise Bar....
Afterwards I went to Panic with Chris which was fun as he proceeded to do his most embarassing dance moves to make me laugh. Was good to see various people again (and a few I can't recall meeting) and meet Dom at last...

Saturday I went shopping for an engagement party dress with Casey and Roxy then onto Hell's Kitchen for lunch and infused vodkas. I had a wander around Brunswick street
After wards Chris cooked dinner and had a gig at IDGAFF. Great fun.

On sunday I went and sold some colouring in books at Walk Against Global Warming, had lunch with Marni and bought some bits and pieces at Savers.

I cleaned the house, had some dinner and did some crafting for upcoming stalls
And here's a pic I took of Miss Flossie relaxing in the shade

Current Mood: sick