Monday, November 5, 2007

Black clouds, black clothes...

t's monday again and I'm back at work feeling vaguely inspired yet contained by work. I also have a trip to the dentist tonight...

Weekend happenings:

Friday night I was running late all evening. I really wanted to go see an exhibition in Johnston St of monsters featuring the work of andricongirl but got held up at work with a stalking problem student and i had to call security twice which was kind of embarassing. I did manage to catch up with a good friend a bit later and went to The Tote to see the Spun Rivals. Good fun, though I got rather drunk. Went home and crashed and

Saturday Chris and I went and distributed some of our colouring books (I'll do a fresh post about it in a minute). This was an all day process which involved walking around shops and such.

Quickly went to a gallery exhibition at 696 then onto the Nova to see Control with Marni. Stunning visually, awesome music (of course) and I managed to only cry once. The evening ended with yummy kebabs and drinks and scrabble at Lambsgo.

Sunday it rained pretty much all day and was freezing cold! We came into work to do some printing, then went to St Kilda to see Ben Birchall and the Corrections. Then back to mine for spaghetti bologanise and horror movies...

Saw these great chairs on the weekend that someone had revamped. The were sitting outside a factory in Sackville Street:

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