Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Horses, Horses, Horses

Yes, yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day which meant a day off work. ( Cup Day is a horse race which runs once a year and we get the day off. People with more organisation and money go and visit the race and wear hats and fascinators and have chamagne and sex in the carpark).

I was feeling rather poorly after a trip to the dentist on cup day eve for a root canal which really hurt was they had to pack the tooth to the nerve and managed to burn my lip with the suturing thingie. Painful all round! So I spent cup eve alone snuggled on the couch with pain killers and wine and Miss Flossie for company.

Melbourne Cup Day started with quickly making some birthday gifts for later in the day (didn't think to take pics)! Met up with Chris at Carlton Gardens...

Lots of nice trees....

We then went to Section 8 for snail racing:
Here are the competitors before the race. I had Mr Squiggle who sadly didn't place...

Then we went to The Tote for Jenna's birthday. I had to go have a sleep at Chris' first as I felt so ill and sedated from the painkillers. My day was fun but marred by Chris' constant 'cheer up!' type comments. I know he meant well but its hard to be cheerful when you feel unwell, and I had a fun enough day, even if I wasn't all rah rah about everything...It's very hard to make someone with little insight into mental illness understand that when you are physically unwell you feel mentally unwell also and it's not about being cheered up, more about being kind to yourself.

Pics from The Tote:

I love the light in the second shop, bit like a sun shower :-)

Went to Irene's for a bit with Chris after but I felt *really* uncomfortable being dressed up for cup day surrounded by ferals and hippies, you can imagine the looks i got...he just got annoyed because I wasn't having fun so I went home.

I made this to wear on the day:

The colours were chosen because I was wearing a green skirt with horses on it, yellow blouse and red caridgan.

I've made similar ones for PDR (trying hard not to plagiarise anyone as there are so many similar ones out there, such as the gorgeous designs of flapi . I combine the plastic flowers with other products usually for contrast.

Other pics I've been taking:
Here's Miss Flossie, the most beautiful girl in Brunswick :-)

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