Thursday, November 22, 2007

I love ebay :-)

I've been collecting stuff for when Chris and I move in together...

My latest purchase:

Luckily Chris understands my love of all things retro...

This week is going kind of slow but I'm feeling ok despite a rather crushing disappointment this week. An interstate shop owner saw my cassette wallets in a shop whilst vising melbourne. She contacted me and asked that I sent her 10 on consignment. So I laboriously made 10 and posted them interstate. She wrote to me this week and said she wasn't happy with them and felt they were too small to be useful for coins. So she is sending them back. I'm quite disappointed of course, but I'm working on a new design I've been kicking around in my head for a few weeks. I have a couple of stalls coming up where I can sell the 'rejects' or even just stick them on etsy for a while. I'm trying to turn it into a positive as I actually feel really mortified about the whole thing.

Busy weekend coming up. Friday night I'm going to opera at the Myer Music Bowl with Chris. We were originally going to the zoo with my student volunteers during the day, but not enough have signed up and I have to stay back at work for a major bullying case I've been working on any way. Work is very noisy as they are demolishing the back half of the building and building us temporary walls. its rather freaky and an obstacle course every time I need to go to the toilet....

After the music we are meeting up with a mate of Chris' from London who knows half of melbourne, so should be fun.

Saturday I am working all day for the AEC on a polling booth for the election!

So here's another plug for our colouring in book:

New stockists are Metropolis bookstore at Curtin House and Friends of the Earth in Collingwood or you can buy one from the site.

Sunday I am either going to a picnic (and making trifle) or Chris and I are going to Great Ocean Road, as we met at Ding Dong a year ago on sunday when Chris was performing :-)