Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 cheap, green products for renters

I was interested to read Green Planets 5 supercheap green items everyone should own.

The list of products are:

1. Thermos/Mug/Water Bottle

2. Tote bag

3. Clothesline

4. Smart Strip surge protectors

5. Water Filter

I had a think about how this compares to our needs as renters. We carry our own bags (green and homemade) as a matter of course. I think most Australians do. We don’t drink filtered water as Melbourne water tastes fine. We are fortunate to have a clothesline unlike many renters in the US with body corporates who has banned clothes lines for aesthetic reasons. We eschew buying bottles of water for a reusable bottle. So here’s my list of cheap, green products for renters:

1. Plastic buckets.

Less than a dollar each typically and they last for ages. essential for collecting rain water, shower, laundry water and the like.

2. Tea/Coffee pot

pic from Posy Picker71
I drink lots of tea. Making the switch to loose leaf tea was a menta challenge at first as I like the convenience of tea bags but I now love the ritual of making my own pot of tea. Saves money and packaging and my hydrangeas love the tea and coffee leaves…

3. Cloth napkins and hankerchiefs.

Napkins by PurlBee

I used to get really bad hayfever. Not fun. I could go through a box of tissues in a couple of days. The expensive super soft ones infused with oils. Not cheap. A big pack of man hankies keeps my nose happy and cuts down on waste to boot. Cloth napkins are great when we have barbeques and parties and save us from buying serviettes. You can buy them for next to nothing at charity shops or learn to make your own napkins here. They are also great as resuable wrapping paper and gifts.

4. Curtains

Myxi (couldn’t resist!)

Insulated curtains make a huge difference to rental properties in cutting out heat and cold. Pic up a pair at an op shop or ask your extended family, people always seem to have disused curtains lurking somewhere. Of course, you can also make your own.

5. DIY washing powder.
I really like this as all the water goes happily on the veggie patch. Recipe here