Friday, March 27, 2009

Ethical Easter goodness

Easter is coming! Whether you celebrate it as a Christian rebirth, a paegan time of renewal or a chocolate lover's license to indulge, this is the time where your purchasing power really does count.

In Australia politican Clover Moore has been in the news for her decision to ban Tim Tams (a popular type of chocolate biscuits)and other goods in a move to create "sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free catering" at City of Sydney meetings and events. Staff have stopped providing chocolate biscuits along with meals containing eggs, bottled water, fat-rich cakes, dairy deserts and "bad" fish species.

Things you can do

Buy Fairtrade chocolate.
Buying Fairtrade Certified Easter Eggs and chocolate helps tackle the issues of child trafficking and labour - both major problems resulting from cocoa production. You can get many fair trade chocolate brands at your local supermarket or speciality shops. You can see a list of stockists here.

Easter bilbies
Consider an Easter bilby, to support conservation efforts to secure the breeding of wild bilbies.

Shop local
Consider support small local businesses. Buy handmade chocolates or hot cross buns from a local store, cafe or health food shop.Non-food gifts are also a good bet. Bulbs are wonderful this time of year for starters. There' also homemade jams and chutney, even home made beer!

Make it yourself:
Maybe you'd like to make your own hot cross buns? I've found a yummy gluten free recipe here

Isn't this lovely? You can find the tutorial here

Knit your own eggs!

Dye your own eggs!

Experience not eating
Or perhaps more valuably, spend easter with friends, partners or family and spending time with loved ones is the best gift of all. Camping and holidaying is a popular Australian easter past time. Chris and I are spending easter at Port Fairy by the sea and we can't wait!


Chrisy said...

Interesting post...hope you'll eat something on your easter holiday!...don't think the link to the cute bunny to make is there...

Owl and Fox said...

excellent post :)
We don't usually do anything for Easter, we'll probably stay home and make our own raw chocolate. Yum!

Tinniegirl said...

Great post Cate. You reminded me of a little craft project that I set aside last year to try this Easter. Thanks.