Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Autumn is with us again...

It's actually been raining again today! Just fantastic! Since it's autumn and starting to finally cool down a wee bit, it gives me time to start thinking and planning how I would like to spend my crafty time over the next few months.

Things have been hectic for me of late (hence my venting) but are starting to become a bit more balanced-or maybe I am simply accustomed to being busy?
Cooler weather makes me think of all sorts of things (bearing it mind it isn't really that cool yet!):

Like home furnishings: (I've been meaning to make some cushion covers for ages and I have several naked cushions lurking in the craft room!:
Gorgeous scarves, like this one made by Black Apple:

Funky coloured tights:

Cloche hat from M&S (I adore Cloche hats!):

Thoughts for the next few months:
-bulb planting
-make sangria (because I like it ;)
-pick fabric for patchwork quilt I've been promising to make for our wedding present since before we got married
-recycled pattens
-finish embroidery gift
-polka dot rabbit men's range
-gifts for friends having babies
That will do for now I think :-)