Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Craft Show!

I went along to the Stitches and Craft Show on Saturday at the Royal Melboure Show Grounds. with my mate Steph. It was great fun. It was pouring rain and staff kindly provided umbrellas to walk for place to place.

I met the lovely Publisher of the Mix Tape Zine , Justine. She gave me a lovely "I write for Mix Tape" badge and I bought a subscription which I'm eagerly awaiting. We had a chat about some ideas for green articles which I'll start thinking about.

Saw Holly from Two Cheese Please. If you haven't seen her work you should certainly pop on over the Etsy and check it out. I bought an apple softie making kit and a stamp carving kit (not like I don't have enough craft related injuries in my life!):

Holly's stall was just stunningly set out, it all looking so professional and so unlike my own crafty stalls hehe. How cool is the enormous icecream?!

I was also awed by the work of Ric Rac. You will have no doubt seen the amazingness that is this dress, made by stitching strips of selvage together (yep, selvage) which was on display at the show, along side various selvage items:

How cool is this chair!:

We also enjoyed seeing Faythe Levine's Handmade Nation, a documentary on the rise of crafting across the US. I would have liked to see a more political analysis but it's an excellent doco, one of the few times I see someone in a film I can relate to! There also a book from the film which I haven't looked at yet:

All in all a great day, with stitching, fun giggling at the pink horrors of 'traditional' crafts, meeting lovely people and drinking coffee!