Monday, February 23, 2009

Shrove Tuesday ala Pancake Day!

I like pancakes, but I rarely eat them for breakfast. I'm talking *real* homemade pancakes, not something that comes from the supermarket to be popped in a toaster.I found this yummy recipe for ricotta pancakes which would be good for those of us who need a bit more protein in the morning. I think some almonds on top would be good also...

Some amusing pancake pics:

Sexy pancakes:

Chocolate overload:

One handed pancakes:

Spam cakes (eerrr ok)
Cleverly shaped pancakes:
And for the true fanatic:


Owl and Fox said...

Man I need pancakes in the worst possible way now! I like mine with buckwheat, ricotta and raw cacao with real maple syrup...bananas...walnuts...*droolz*...

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

pancakes are truly awesome! Especially when someone else makes them for you!