Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crafty Fundraiser and more ways to help

I'm doing another craft stall with Craft Victoria's, Craft Hatch ( new and emerging designers) this Saturday.
Polka Dot Rabbit
City Library, 253 Degraves St Melbourne.
All money I make will be donated to Wildlife Victoria and Red Cross.
I think we're all feeling quite helpless, and I just wanted to do something, albeit small...
And from my mate Clem:
Hi all, I'm organising a collection of toiletries, women's sanitary items, disposable razors and shampoo/conditioner (and any other small bathroom/toiletry essentials) to be delivered to the major "base camp" refuges in the fire zone.
The command centres and volunteers have expressed a need for these items and what exists in the shops that remain won't last long as (obviously) there are no deliveries being made. In monetary terms it's not even a drop in the ocean (i.e. $10 for some pads and tampons, or a set of shampoo and conditioner, or some kids' toothbrushes - just pop them in the trolley along with your other groceries) but will make a huge difference to someone who has nothing and needs to restore a bit of humanity and dignity amongst the destruction.
The small relief of something as simple as having a preferred brand of tampon or the ability to have a shave in these circumstances should not be underestimated.
I will be doing a "drop-off"/pick-up at Triple R (corner of Nicholson & Blyth Streets, East Brunswick; end of 96 tram line) on WEDNESDAY of this week, during office hours:
10am to 6pm.
The time and day is non-negotiable but we hope this won't be an obstacle to people's charity!
PLEASE NOTE: we will NOT be able to accept food/perishables, or clothes/blankets. There are other drives doing so including the Salvos and Coles (etc).
What we WILL be glad to accept:
* pads and tampons (and maternity and incontinence pads)
* disposable razors (both "genders") and shave creams
* shampoo and conditioner
* nappies in a variety of sizes (and Pull-Ups, Goodnights etc)
* toothbrushes and toothpaste
* soap* sunscreen* hand sanitizers
* face washers
* toiletry bags (preferably stuffed with all of the above!)
Hope to see some of you there to fill some "Coles bags" for the bushfire victims.
Any questions (or if you'd like to be "on call" to volunteer/sort in case we get swamped - which we hope we do!) shoot me a message or email clembastow[AT]gmail.com with a relevant subject.
Thanks and hope to see a lot of you there on Wednesday x