Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cate is still in the land of the living.....

My husband is away in the UK at present (well technically he is on the airplane).

I've been struggling a bit with PMT and periods as I have my first in many years as I'm off the pill. Don't know how you all put up with it every month. Christ.

I'm actually quite looking forward to some time on my own. Without Chris I can:
-read a book without being constantly interrupted

-watch underbelly at last

-eat chocolate for breakfast if I want

-Watch morning telly without a lecture

-do some craft work uninterrupted by comments like 'aren't you going to come and keep me company?'

-sew in peace without him tutting because he wants to listen to radio in the same room

-avoid conservations about drums, guitars and amps which make no sense to me

-vodka one woman discos

That said, I've been rather busy with writing and crafty endeavours and multiple invites out to dinner from my dear friends.

Over the last week or so I've been to lots of gigs including Razorlight, Shooting at Unarmed Men, Laneway Festival and various escapades of merriment. It's a bit cooler here now thankfully and it will be an ambitious task to resurrect the garden back to it's pre-heat wave state. Particularly as it's nearly time to start thinking about autumn planting.


Anonymous said...

"Vodka one woman discos"


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