Monday, November 1, 2010

World Vegan Day!

Yesterday was World Vegan Day! Here in Melbourne the celebrations were at Abbotsford convent and despite the rainy weather it was a lovely day. It was insanely busy all day so I didn't take as many photos as I might have liked as it was just crowds of people everywhere...

I helped Chris out with a stall for Aduki and the books just flew off the table, especially the new 2011 Australian Veg Food Guide. I've always loved the Convent grounds (we looked at getting married there in 2008 but at the time only a huge ballroom was available) so I snuck around and took some pics:

Here's me staffing the stall (excuse the boob shot, Chris took it!)

There was so much amazing food for sale (everything was vegan), including yummy vegan hot food like curries and stir fries. I also had some delicious cupcakes from Mr Nice Guy.

The day also included the Aduki/Uproar Veg Food Awards, annoyingly misprinted in the program of the day and despite Chris' hard work to try and get award winners together, there was a real lack of space for giving out awards due to the weather!

We were generously given some Bounty Burgers which we tried last night. Chris liked them but I found them very bland unfortunately. Tofu is always a challenge for me as I'm not meant to have it regularly due as it clashes with the medication I have to take for my thyroid. This means I sometimes have to chose dairy over tofu, particularly as I can't function when my thyroid isn't working. Frustrating!

I was also really pleased to see Radical Rabbit with their stall across from us. As most of you know I had some very loved house rabbits who sadly passed away a couple of years ago, whom I still miss! I get irrate about the ignorance people have about rabbits, especially in regard to keeping them in hutches instead of inside.

I also bought this book:
Can't wait to give the recipes a try! Of course, you don't have to be vegan to enjoy them, they particularly strike a cord for people like me who've always hated eggs. Since childhood. I love brunch and it's always annoyed me to go to cafes and see a menu full of eggs. There's some cashew cheese recipes I'm going to try out this week. I'll be sure to do some recipe reviews for you all!
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