Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things I like today

I really like the idea of combining different mediums such as this piece which combines painting with stitching.
I really like this idea of using a Gourd as a pot plant. Obviously it wouldn't last forever and I'll never actually eaten a Gourd, but cool idea!

One of the advantages of warmer weather is coming is that we will soon be able to walk around in barefeet instead of socks and slippers! Working from home, i wear slippers, very unfashionable I'm sure. Pic from here

Loving this article. Say no to poncy food hehe. Some of my favourite comfortable food are (veg) sausages and mash; roast veggies; tomato soup; vegemite on turkish bread; avocado on toast with black pepper; spaghetti on toast and the like! Do you have favourites that you return to time and time again? Foods that aren't cool but you love them?
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