Friday, January 29, 2010

Things I like today

The kind of garden I would love to have if I lived in a country where everything didn't continually perish in the heat!

Fabulous tutorial for fabric covered cork trivets as pinboards featured on Craftzine

I really like Mark Weaver's designs.

Print by Mikey Burton via here


Posie Patchwork said...

Cork board trivets, too wonderful!! Love Posie

m.e (Cathie) said...

i was just thinking of coasters & corkboards & then I see this!
love it!!!
have a fabulous weekend.

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

I got your message about the craft bonanza. What a shame. It would have been lovely to see you.

Shoot me an email and we can swap mobile numbers so if anything like that happens again someone can come and get you. Also there might be someone who comes past your way and can give you a ride.

steph said...

Did you have a garage sale today? I saw a poster on a pole and I thought perhaps it might be your address.

charismagic said...

Loving the corkboards, aren't they pretty?!

Manon said...

I love the cork board trivets! So cute.

pepper said...

ooh I really like the things you like! love your blog :), just spent a lovely (and sneaky) time browsing your posts when I ought to have been working!
x Pepper