Friday, January 8, 2010

Brunswick st: curiouser and curiouser and kinda wonderful...

Chris and I went down Brunswick st on thursday night after work. The vast majority of shops were closed so we had a few ales and engaged in some window shopping. I was charmed by the window:

The Magic Lantern was a few doors down from the lovely Meet me at Mikes (which also has an amazing window display). Can't wait to see it open and what's inside!

We then went down to Yong Green Food down the other end of the street. It's a new vegan/veggie restaurant that's been open for three weeks. My husband Chris took over a vegan publishing company in December called Aduki, which publishes a Melbourne veg food guide so we were keen to check it out.

We started out with some drinks. I had a rather amazing glass of homemade almond milk with a touch of agave syrup. Slightly mealy but lovely, whilst Chris had date tea which I've never actually heard of!

The menu is of a wide range including raw dishes, mock meat, and more standard vegan fare like wraps and curries. I decided to try the 'rawsagne' and was very impressed! I even went and googled some recipes later as I've never really tried and raw food recipes.

Chris enjoyed his dragon bowl of rice, vegetables, faux beef and some kind of yummy sauce. He cleaned his plate!

After wards we enjoyed some divine raw blueberry 'cheesecake'. The base seemed to be made of hazelnuts, the topping, blueberries, coconut and other raw foods that were simply stunning. I'm eager to go back and try more of the menu!


steph said...

I loved the cheesecake! And I tried the rawsagne too, couldn't resist it. :o)

beck said...

I like you photo's from your Brunswick St wander. Recently I found some photo's I took in the
80's in Brunswick St and boy it was different then! We grew up in Moor St and when we first moved there I can remember the boarded up shops and funny old stores where now it's all super cool & quirky! Funny. Anyway, I like a bit of window shopping too, it's a fun. What a huge variety of food there is in old Brunnie St too! I've had a nice little look around your lovely blog, thanks xo

Beky said...

Wow you have just broaden my knowledge on vegan food. The photo of the raw dish is truly amazing but a little alien to me. :-)

Miss Shivi said...

I recently read about raw foods in the latest issue of Peppermint and it's really quite interesting,the ingredients used for raw desserts were very unusual but rawsagne?! It's amazing the stuff people come up with!