Thursday, April 30, 2009

Words and pictures: Rainy Day

I like walking through puddles

I love rainy days.

I like watching the clouds darken

I love walking in the rain, if only to smell the rain on tar and experience the temperature change upon entry into a warm room.

One of my favourite times to garden is when it's raining...

I like feeling safe under my umbrella


I love lying in bed at night and listening to the rain on our tin roof.
Hot showers are always better after being out in the rain.
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AnnLuise said...

Hello, thank you very much for your commend on my rain drops pictures. I like how you express your feelings towards rain. I alos like the little embroidery work, love AnnLuise

midge said...

Such beautiful photos. i love your blog. i love gardening in the rain also.

handmade romance said...

Oh I agree. Rain is wonderful! Even though I posted about being indoors I don't mind a morning run in the rain, a warm shower afterwards is so rewarding ; ) And the smell just before the rain comes, I love that!

Alisa: Ink Caravan said...

What a gorgeous photo! What a sweet post!