Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Words and Pictures-Cold Feet

The last time I was *really* cold was January last year when I went to Europe. My feet were especially cold as I ordered some boots online and was waiting for them to arrive in the UK!

It was a great holiday, but challenging in many respects. It was our first holiday together as an engaged couple, I caught a rotten cold, the bag containing my medication was stolen in Italy, Chris had huge visa problems coming back to Australia. I also had a lot of grief issues to deal with, not helped by my dear bunny Flossie dying when I was away.

But so many wonderful times! I saw lots of did more on holidays than I ever had. It was exhilarating to be in places that were so old and so very beautiful. Here's some of my favourite pics

Lovely thatched houses in rural England where we visited Chris' dad:
One of the few shots of us together, a challenge for any holiday!

Chris performing in Brixton:

Chris at The Crypt in London. I think this is my favourite picture of him.

I love my red tights:

At The Vatican, Rome:

Roman Bath house in Bath. Being cold and walking around boiling hot, steaming pools was a torture onto itself!

Lovely coloured houses viewed from a boat in Bristol!

We're off overseas again in June for a month. New experiences and adventures await. Fortunately it will be summer over there!
You can play along with words and pictures here


Kakariki said...

*psst* Chris, bro, you're band ran away!

midge said...

great photos. looks like a fantastic trip. RIP Flossie