Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Summer is almost here....

We had a most (ly) lovely weekend which has kinda extended to monday and beyond.On saturday Jim and Hillary bought around their most generous wedding present-a BBQ! Once we realised it would need assembling we got the old one out. You can see us enjoying the outdoor table and cocktail glasses we got also!

It was great fun! Our new next door neighbours came round as well, who are most lovely. Saturday night we vegged at home and watched Cloverfield and ate icecream. On sunday we had to go to a funeral for Chris' great aunt. I made a complete dick of myself crying and I haven't even met her. It bought all the memories of my brother's funeral back last year. Luckily they were all really understanding.

We spent the afternoon helping our great mate Rayna who is running for the Greens in the New Zealand federal election. They have some system where people residing outside New Zealand can be elected. So we helped her stuff over 14,000 envelopes for New Zealanders in Australia who are registered to vote. You can read about Rayna here and register to vote outside New Zealand here. I've never been to New Zealand but Rayna is all time ace and everyone should vote for her if they are eligible.

Last night we went and saw Welcome to the Doll House, one of my favourite Todd Solanz films, and ate yummy food and drank decadent cocktails after. Who said married life was boring?!

Here's my favourite new teapot nude and wearing the cosy I found on the weekend for $1 at Savers :)