Thursday, October 9, 2008

Car accident last night

Chris and I were walking down our street on the footpath, me on foot, Chris wheeling his bike (he's so sweet he meets me at the tram to walk with me the rest of the way).

Anyway, we're walking along and see this white car coming out of a side street really fast. It did a hook turn and crashed straight into a house. The bang was incredibly loud and it was less than 5 metres away.

There was a woman about a foot in front of us and she screamed. Before we knew it, another woman ran to the car, opened the car door and her and the driver took off on foot down the side street, the contents of her handbag strewn on the nature strip. I rang 000 straight away. We all stood around waiting for the police. I called an ambulance but the guy was apparently ok, just in shock. He walked past us to the police and said he was sorry. It was scary stuff, and we were amazed no one was killed.

I really wish people wouldn't speed recklessly down our street.