Thursday, August 28, 2008

We love milk crates!

(inspired by the efforts of Chris over the weekend)

Light installation rom Treehugger:

Milkcrate furniture from this site

Crate bookshleves from Flickr : (The description is worth a read as the author is desperate to state their fashionableness hehe)

tower of milk crates, zip-tied and strapped to the nursery wall by daddytypes.

BAnd how cool are these crate briefcases!
BriefcAndHow cool are these crate briefcases! how cool are these crate briefcases!ase
And how cool are these crate briefcases!

How cool are these crate briefcases!

And you can find milk crate art here including our very own Milk Crate Man!


Moiface said...

I think the light is a work of genious!

hokey said...


Doesn't make me feel so bad to have a crate with a plank of wood on top for a coffee table! My partner also has a stack of them that he uses to store his clothes (I take up most of the wardrobe) It is hidden in a funny little nook so thankfuly you can't see it from the doorway. Also, the last tenants of our house (friends of ours) had a huge staircase made of them that led up to a little loft area above the bathroom!

Anonymous said...