Friday, August 22, 2008

today, tomorrow, next week...

I've had one of those half starter weeks at work where things kept changing and I seemd to be constantly waiting for things from poeple before I could finish them off. Three important meetings at work were rescheduled. The Craftea Chat group is going well although this week was a little big crazy but it was lovely to see everyone crafting and sharing their work and talking. There's been a few tangles to be worked through but overall it's been going very well. I've had alot of interest in the 'paddy wagon campaign' for making re-usable pads and I'll start some organising next week. I've finally finished that massive lot of orders for Polka Dot Rabbit goodies thank goodness, it was fun but certainly time consuming when accompanying a full time job. I've just got a few small orders to do and 5 pairs for the Frankie blog give away. I've felt quite weary over the last week and I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

Tonight Marni, Chris and I are going to A Minor Place for Tapas and I can't wait for a nice glass of red wine. It's tempted to get home a bit early and get started, I'm a bit too full from Tiramisu for Aqua Aerobics..... It's rather handy having a restaurant three minutes walk in your street!

Tomorrow morning we are going to St Andrews Markets. I'm looking forward to buying some fresh produce and some plants. Afterwards we are going hunting for wedding dress fabric. It's been tricky as the more summery fabrics are only just starting to come out. Fingers crossed! We ordered our wedding rings from the jeweller in her studio last week so that's one more thing off the list. They're sterling silver with a rose gold bit in the middle.

I'm invited to a party on Saturday night which I may or may not attend and my folks are coming over sunday for coffee which will involve cleaning the house. Gah. I hope to also do some writing on the weekend for my various pursuits.

I bought Chris a percussion set last night from Aldi (tamborine, maraccas, finger cymbals, triangle etc). I suspect I may live to regret it ;-)