Friday, May 16, 2008

They call me mellow yellow (and a hint of blue)

I have been rather slack posting in my dear blog for and I have very little excuse I'm afraid as asthma doesn't stop one from surfing on the internet.

As my recent 'No spend craft month" I made the following outfit:

A Line skirt made out of a curtain. I'm a far from brilliant sewer and I lost the zipper foot for my machine so I had to handstitch the zipper. I might take it in at the waist a couple of centimetres so it sits a bit flatter at the front.

Can you see the rounded pocket? There's one on each side, but I'm not much good at photography!

I also recreated this t shirt with a cute pic I got years ago as part of a Peter Rabbit bath book. Having owned bunnies (well been owned by bunnies to be precise!) I am fond of all things related to Peter Rabbit!

And here's a close up of the Robin (geez I really should've ironed it):

Other happenings have been around vague organising of our wedding. We've got the venue and reception books and guests have been told to 'save the date' so now we move onto the minutae of all things bridal-despite my attempts to avoid...Here's a picture of my mum with one of the phone book size bridal magazines she picked up.I imbibed several glasses of wine while she suggested I need an "ankle length dress with sleeves" (Mum speak for 'you're too fat for short and sleeveless'). I'm hoping for 50's style retro either bought or made for me, but I think I'm a bit short for ankle length being 5ft3! Plus i have no intention of wearing white....

Here's the beautiful roses which she gave me, with some pyrex bowls I picked up at Savers realising that everytime i wanted to bake a cake I was using a casserole dish as a mixing bowl!

I also picked up this darling bowl for $4.

It's residing on the book case in the living room at the moment, but Chris' shipping from England are arriving on monday so who knows how much knick nack room there'll be...


Drewzel said...

I love the red robin shirt!
OMG wedding planning, full on :P hahaha.