Tuesday, October 16, 2007

updates of the weekend

Summary of weekend:

friday night-
Sewing and such
Chris came round really late for some wild sex...

Went to breakky at a cafe with appaling service-they kept forgetting what we'd ordered and then when we went to pay had to ask again what we'd ordered...
Went to Tanya and Miles for a bbq for miles' birthday. I really need to finish the presents!

here's some pics:

I always seem to be drinking! such a lush....I made a couple of yummy salads, one greek and another with asparagus and caramelised nashi pear and other yummy things which went down well...

Afterwards we went home, I cried all the way in a emotional thing (grief is hard) then we went to Casey's birthday at Toff in Town which was ok, yummy Pimms...

Sunday was lovely, lots of sex, big yummy breaky, went to a kindergarten fete...massive walk to Royal Park. Decide to lie on the nice grass and ended up lying in the middle of the golf course(oops!). Yummy salad dinner at mine and g&t's then we went to a play but got the date wrong so I went home.

Crazy busy trying to get all my crafting and work done.

Trying to really work on my eating. No bingeing or grazing today so far :-)...
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