Monday, October 22, 2007


Thanks for a fun day/night all....i'm still recovering with a massive sinus infection-its hard to balance an icepack on your face at work...

Big thanks to all the bands and the awesome habitants of the palatial domain...woo!

Thanks to all who bought stuff at the stalls and had fun etc. Raising some money for Movember and even more for me! (yay). The stalls were ace fun though we'll start them a bit later next time, we're still learning as we go.

I've lots of pics and I'll post some up for you all once I work out how to get them off the video camera.

And a special thanks to Flobs and Bergholt for minding my stall stuff while i went to see my fiancee do his rock n roll thing that he is....Some chick I was chatting to was visiting from Manchester and she started hyperventillating when I introduced her to him. Apparently she followed his old band around Europe or something...So strange, he's like 'er, hello' and she's like 'OMG!'. It was like a teen movie or something.

Here's Angelica's little puppy helping the band out!

he's there being a back up vocalist ;p

and heres another shot of the band: Macaca Mulatta :). The spunky guy singing is my fiancee...

More pics to come...quite ill at the moment with sinus and will be off to the doctor in a minuteA shopfront in lygon st has offered the space for a future antescene so stay tuned....

My latest purchase-perfect for brooches!