Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things I like today

Sausage dog fabric!

I need some new socks as mine are a bit weary. Once it's cool enough that is.

I think this table is hilarious!

I think this quilt is simply stunning!

Food for thought: Have you read Chunky Chooky's post about people who visit blogs and never comment?...sometimes I wonder if anyone reads mine...

Huge apple cucumbers from our garden! We thought the plants were pumpkins or zucchinis, they must've have come from the worm farm as we've never planted cucumbers!

Hot weather makes me feel like this

Other news, it's so hot here I haven't been up to much, I had a stall at the Thread Den craft market last month. I've been to the movies a few times and have seen Burlesque and The King's Speech this week. Good films for different reasons...I'm reading a lot and working on some things for Green Renters. Have just sent some new goodies to Handmade Canberra and I'm trying to summon the energy to finish my ceramic designs...
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