Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ain't to Proud to Beg

A lot of you probably know that besides my craft endeavours, I co-manage Green Renters
Chris and I started Green Renters a few years ago as we were tired of visiting 'Green' expos and events and finding ourselves left out of the loop by environmental groups and those who provide environmental resources due to our housing status.

So we thought we'd start a website looking at what those of us who rent can do to live more sustainably. Ok, we with a shortage of rental properties in most urban areas, we don't have the luxury of choosing a 6 star rated rental. We have to take what we can get. And since we're dealing with indifferent landlords and real estate agents, we aren't in the position to install solar hot water or a rain water tank.

But there are heaps of things we can do, in how we kit out our home and how we live our lives. What we choose to buy and how we spend out time. So we started the website. We've been doing a few workshops here and there. We've started to get some momentum. So we quit our jobs and have been working on Green Renters (unpaid) for the last six months. We're getting a board together and will get incorporated. We're working on a membership structure. We're building a brand spanking new website with a shop.We're doing a project for people living in rooming houses.

To do all this we need a bigger better website with a reliable, speedier webhost and specific computer for the use of our volunteers to help write articles and newsletters, develop workshops and assist in the day to day running of our not for profit. . We believe we have something important to offer which is relevant to many people but we need some help getting to the next stage. Can you help?
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