Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yong Green Food

The Melbourne veg community has been excitedly blogging about Yong Green Food since it opened. Since it's one of very few Veggie restaurants which offers raw food, I've enjoyed it both times that I visited.

The first time Chris and I went along on a rather hot summer evening. I was gapsing for a vodka tonic and was disappointed that they had no liquor license and the restaurant was quite hot. The food soon made me feel better though.
I enjoy a rawsagne, complete with cashew 'cheese' and strips of zucchini as 'pasta layers'. It was surprisingly dense and filling.

Chris had a dish of rice, salad and mock bbq beef. He polished it off but I'm not a huge fan of mock meat.

We shared a piece of the raw blueberry cheesecake which was, in a word, divine. I'd strongly recommend it to anyone. It was dense, rich and flavoured with berry and coconut. The crumbled base appeared to be made of hazelnuts.

Upon leaving we were presented with two small take away containers of cheesecake which we enjoyed very much the follow day.

My second trip was with my mate Mary Lou. We both opted for a raw meal. I enjoyed a 'burger' and salad, the vegetable patty being strongly flavoured with sun dried tomato, not unlike the texture of rice salad I guess but more moist. The accompanying salad had a lovely asian flavoured dressing.

Mary Lou had a vegan sandwich containing salad vegetables and avocado. I tried a piece of the 'bread', it reminded me of ryvitas which I eat regularly (no wheat).

We both had an almond milk with agave but found them rather gritty (Mary Lou was choking on hers) so they really could've done with more blending or the use of a strainer.

We both had a raw cheesecake afterwards, my chocolate one was incredibly rich (not a bad thing I hasten to add) and I couldn't finish it.

It's a restaurant I would strongly recommend, especially if you're tired of conventional Asian restaurants ( I tend to have sushi or stirfries everyday for lunch) or not in the mood for the noise and chaos of the Vegie Bar.
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