Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funky Pies, Bondi Sydney

Since we were in Sydney we decided to pop along to Funky Pies last week. I've enjoyed their pies from Radical Grocery here in Brunswick and I was surprised to see the premises. I was assuming it would be a big factory with a little cafe but no, the pies were actually all made in the cafe, just a few streets away from the beach! The chef had a row of pie pots waiting to be filled whilst we ordered.

I liked the stools made out of recycled flour bags:

Chris and I both decided to try the Eezy Chick n Cheezy served with mint peas, mash and gravy for a very respectable $9 per serve. The peas were suitably minty, the mash was creamy and the gravy was flavoursome.

The pie itself had a lovely flaky pastry. The filling contained chunks of 'chicken' which I actually found really disconcerting as the colour, look and texture was so similar to real chicken. The 'cheeze' sauce was a little bland but the broccoli was a welcome addition.

We cleaned our plates, had an organic soft drink each and wandered off to explore Bondi. A lovely brunch and a restaurant and enterprise we definitely support!

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