Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Saturday

I caught up with my mum today for coffee and cake at Mr Tulk, one of my favourite quiet little city cafes. The State Library has a nice little exhibition on at the moment about the history of shopping in Melbourne called Shop 'til You Drop and here's a few of the images featured on the State Library Website:

We then went along to the Northside Maker's Market in Northcote. It's one of my favourite markets to have a stall at but I enjoyed not having the pressure of a stall (or making things for a stall) and was content to wander around looking at all the amazing goodies people had made. It wasn't all that busy which I was sorry to hear, as I know how much effort people put into making their wares, promoting the event, setting up their stalls and staffing them all day. I still think there's just too many markets in Melbourne as I've mentioned before with many people making identical products. There's so many wonderfully creative people in Melbourne and I wish their talents were appreciated a bit more.

I was primarily looking for children's stuff as friends have had twins recently who we will see tomorrow at their other daughter's 3rd birthday! Very exciting!

But I did manage to get these lovely gifts for myself from Becky at Pivotal Xpressions.
A gorgeous crochet printed pencil and a business card holder. As I've just got business cards printed, it was a very welcome purchase.

I bought some knitted goodies from Twisted Stitches (can't seem to find them online). For the twins, I got a knitted softie cat and the booties. The bunny is for Tara for her birthday. I can't remember who made the adorable duckie brooch alas!

I then went and visited Curious Oyster, one of my lovely stockists who have moved to Thornbury recently. It's gorgeous shop and I am proud to have Polka Dot Rabbit stocked there. I bough this lip balm for a friend of mine :)

Afterwards, I went for lunch and a few drinks with a friend, had a browse in some bookstores and got the bus home. All in all, a great day!
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