Friday, September 4, 2009

Travel diaries: Montreal

Montreal was an interesting place. When we arrived things didn't look particularly encouraging. It was pouring rain and cold and most of the Montreal Jazz Festival's acts for the day had to be cancelled. Given that the festival was incongruosly based in the Business district, it did not bode well for entertainment... Luckily the weather picked up though and there was much drinking and dancing and awesome music.

Here's a pic of Guy Nadon, the amazing 75 year old jazz drummer who described himself as the 'world's oldest teenager' and commented "Women come and go, but music remains." Amazing stuff!

We were also fortunate to view the doco Rocksteady: the Roots of Reggae. It was really interesting as I didn't have much knowledge about the ska/rocksteady/reggae divide. It also gave me a very different impression of Jamaica than i held previously.

We also enjoyed lots of lovely drinks in Montreal!

Street art from around the festival:

Art installation that I found rather sinister:

We also went to the Montreal Biodome, an amazing enclosure which encompasses 6 different ecospheres including a tropical forest, antartic, marine, and forest areas. Just amazing!

Aren't the macaws amazingly coloured! Just beautiful!:

I've never seen a Capybara before:



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