Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A true romantic....

This was found on a community notice board called Gum Tree


your tears are like an ocean that run into me
all i do is dream of you next to me
always let you be the one in control
never treated you like some dj's girl
ive been sitting in the wrong garden all week
you said you lived on this road but for starts its a street
i followed you to melbourne now where are you?

i spun some records at perth's dodgy ends
was the strippiest night in regards to my feelings being bare
told you every feeling ive had since i could breathe this air
and all the other girls, i shut them down
i love you tarlia, we can work around this restraining order please, i love u

I think 'strippiest' is the best term ever made up, and there's nothing like passing off stalking as a romantic gesture necessitating a restraining order