Monday, December 8, 2008

Paddy Wagon Success!

Over the last few months, many women of the melbourne crafty community have generously volunteered their time and materials to make cloth reusable sanitary pads and waterproof zip lock bags for women in Africa to be distributed by Goods 4 girls. Think of us as a benign factory production line with copious amounts of tea, biscuits, cheese, cupcakes, chatter and laughter. It has been great fun and we invisage sending off the pads in January.

I'd like to offer a huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in the project. We consider it something of an ongoing campaign with many opportunities for future creative work. In 2009 I hope to start my own not for profit business, where social justice and social connectedness are made to happen through creative and crafty activity. Check out my website for more progress in 2009....

I just wanted to show off my new machine ;-)