Monday, December 15, 2008

DIY Christmas decorating for the lazy/time poor

I have been trying to decorate the living room for some time. I had a few challenges:

  • Keeping it as a secret from my noisy husband. (Even shopping for the bits and pieces was tricky as he kept wanting to come with me!)
  • The living room is small, with no storage and I have lots of stuff as it is!
  • Finding an Australian native for a Christmas tree (I trekked to Bunnings after K-Mart was no joy)

  • Time- it's a busy time of year for us all, hey?

  • I like to make things. I made some newspaper and recycled paper ornaments at work but they got rather squashed by the time I managed to smuggle them home. I may make some more depending on time...
  • Enviro-friendly- I was delighted to find some solar Christmas lights but am yet to charge them after the rainiest weekend in 2.5 years! I didn't want to buy a lot of clutter so I worked with the materials I had and got a few decorations.

Some pics:

Red and green above the bookcase:
The room is usually alot sunnier I assure you!:

Pinecones on top of the telly in a vintage bowl. I put tartan ribbon down for frou-frou:

This tree is a native Grevillia which will be planted out front after Christmas. It's not a brilliant pic, and the tree looks a bit miserable but the thought counts!

My tin robots decided to join in on the festivities:

Poinsettias and bon-bons:

I made some softie gingerbread men, picked up some christmas candles and placed these over some tartan ribbon:

Holly (from Olinda the weekend before) and vintage tablecloth:

So, you don't have to be Martha Stewart or have alot of time and money :-) . My husband loved the surprise and the thought that went into it....