Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is nearly here, oh dear...

Does Christmas make you feel like this?:

Or perhaps more like this?:
Christmas where I live invariably means lots of things- lots of people, lots of parties, lots of wine. And invariably lots of shopping.
To be honest, I actually hate shopping. Crowds, shops where salespeople ask how you are one after the other, screaming children...I used to start Christmas shopping with a fortifying glass of wine.
But since I've started my own little craft business, things are alot easier. The wonders of online shopping means I can shop without the need to venture out of my pj's. Or when I am 'researching' on the internet at work :-). Maybe you're a bit the same? Polka Dot Rabbit has lots of little goodies you may enjoy. From Kris Kringle presents, to something for your boyfriend's brother. Why not have a look?