Saturday, December 3, 2011

Things that make a happy home

I get inspiration from lots of different things in my life. I have a ever lasting love of all things vintage, retro and handmade. I like being surrounded by things that evoke memories, colours and designs a like, beloved gifts...

Making things in my office...I sometimes wish I was one of those tidy creative people who has everything tidily put away at the end of each day. My husband wishes this even more. Especially as he told me he's interested in exploring a role as a de-clutterer as a profession...(hehe)

A collection of lamps ( the green one was originally my Grandma's and I got the bunny lamp in Norwich earlier in the year).

Can you see the lovely card made by definatalie after she was a kindly housesitter for us?

Some of my fabric (you can't see the messy piles thankfully)

Mr Pablo working hard
A portrait of us which we received from a dear friend as an engagement gift!

I know that living in an old rental home, I'll never have a palatial dwelling suitable for glossy magazines and design blogs. We're desperately short of storage space and the holes in the walls are difficult to conceal. Yet we do live happy lives and there's a lot of love within the walls...
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