Sunday, July 3, 2011

Seeking Eco Crafters to stock our shop!

As you probably know I'm Cate and I run the craft label Polka Dot Rabbit. I also am co-founder of Green Renters, a not for profit organisation which provides resources and information about sustainable living for people in rental accommodation. We've recently opened a small online shop of resources specifically relevant to renters which has been going quite well. We're looking for stock which may fit our shop in the following areas:

  • washable cleaning cloths
  • aprons
  • cloth bags (to use in place of those evil green bags)
  • lap top covers
  • tea pot cosies
  • gardening related stuff
  • stuff for kids (either clothing, toys, nappies etc - I don't have children so I'm a little vague in this area!)
  • goods suitable for Christmas gifts.
  • anything else you think might be of interest to our members and readers.

Products must be Australian made and using upcycled materials where possible.

Things we don't need (we already have them organised):
  • gloves
  • hot water bottle covers
  • door snakes
  • handkerchiefs
  • purses and wallets
We'd love to hear from any crafters who have products which might fit the bill.I'd love you to drop me a line (all emails responded to-I hate contacting shops who never get back to you myself!):

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